5 Things I Learned My Freshman Year of College

As the first month of sophomore year drew to a close and midterms are upon us, I’ve been looking back on how different these first months have been versus the starting months last year. I’ve been looking at old pictures and thinking about what I learned last year and how much my perspective has changed, so here I am, your friendly neighborhood sophomore, sharing with you five things I learned my freshman year of college:

1. It’s 100% possible to eat healthy at the dining hall

We’ve seen it. We’ve all seen it. Those people who sit down in the dining hall with french fries, a burger, grilled cheese, pizza, and have an ice cream cone to top it off… For every meal. That my friends is where the Freshman Fifteen is born. It’s all about balance, how about trying a handful of fries, a burger, and a side salad for dinner and for lunch having just a salad, or maybe even a salad and a sandwich. Maybe the next day instead of having a burger try out the pasta bar! And don’t be afraid to treat your self to a little dessert too, you deserve it! It’s all about portion and balance. Say it with me, portion and balance

2. House parties are lame

House parties are either always one of four things: super small and awkward, really big to the point you can’t move, shut down by the time you get there, or shut down before midnight. If you choose not to drink at the said house party you will end up taking care of somebody, which isn’t a problem, just takes away from the fun, especially if they’re an aggressive drunk (been there, done that). Usually everybody at these parties already knows each other which make a really big party seem really small, when you only know the three people you came with, but those three people know over half the people there. The ground is sticky and there are broken bottles all over the floor. It’s also kind of hard to breathe. I mean if any of this sounds appealing to you be my guest, but for me, I’ll stick to doing it about once or twice a semester. Honestly, my favorite part of going out is getting ready and having a mini photo shoot (judge me).

(this is Margaret my roommate)

3. No one cares who you were in high school

You were voted prom queen by your senior class? O-M-G no way, I don’t care and neither does anyone else. College is a time to reinvent yourself. Cut and dye your hair the way you’ve always wanted. Dress how you feel comfortable, not what everyone else is doing. Listen to the music you want to listen to. College is so much different than high school. You are entering a new pool of completely different people, from different places; not everyone is from your small, close minded town. You are almost guaranteed to fit in. So go ahead. Join that club, by the shoes… please, buy the damn shoes.

4.Go to at least one school sponsored event  (other than your spring concert)

As lame as you think they may be, grab some of your friends and just go. My spring week (the week leading up to the spring concer1bhzpx.gift) there were many different events each night, a movie on the quad, a hypnotist, a talent show. My friends and I decided we would spend our Thursday night at the headphone disco. We had no idea what to expect walking there. When we got there is was awkwardly quiet with a few people singing, but everyone there was dancing… including the star senior basketball player. You just put the supplied headphones on, tune into one of the two DJs and boom now you’re at the party and dancing with everyone else too. There was lots of free food (almost every school event has free food, if that isn’t enough to get you to go I’m not sure what is). School sponsored events are a great way to get out and meet new people without feeling the need to get trashed to have fun.

5. You’re going to lose touch with your friends from high school

It’s a fact, just get over it now. “No, not me and my friends,” yeah says everyone else. No, I’m saying you’re going to stop talking to everyone, but half of the people you think you’re going to miss will just be another face on your Instagram feed by Thanksgiving. But don’t sweat it, you’ll have new friends, you know the song, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold?” That’s basically college, except they are all gold, you just live with a few of them. Please note, I’m not saying you’re going to lose touch with all

of your friends from back home, but people grow at college and sometimes you grow out of a friendship, and that’s okay. Going through both I’m here to say you will make it through it, it probably won’t even hurt at all.  (Being away will also strengthen some friendships too, see photos above (yes I know two of those are slightly embarrassing omg such a baby) it’s all about the pre-existing dynamic.)


That’s it guys. Freshman year isn’t that bad, it’s an adjustment for sure but once your there you’re not gonna want to go back home. Take everything as it comes, it’s new for everyone. Learn about yourself, make new friends, enjoy it… college only lasts four years ๐Ÿ™‚

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Until next timeโ€ฆmuch love,



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