New York City Trip | October 2016

I have visited New York City countless times since I was a little girl, I love it there so much. It’s one place that I feel like I’m in control and I don’t feel anxious (which is strange considering how heavily populated it is, I don’t know… I don’t question it). This trip was one of my first times branching out from Midtown. I have only left Midtown once or twice. Normally when my Mom and I head to New York we have a plan that has been set for weeks. This time we just set out with a minimal plan and had ourselves an adventure.

There were two places I really wanted to go and one of them was the Black Tap.

The Black Tap is a burger restaurant which quickly became popular on Instagram for their crazy milkshakes. I can now vouch that not only are the milkshakes amazing, but the burgers are also incredible. After eating the Texan Burger, which has on it: cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, lettuce and tomato, and a whole onion ring, and The Cookie shake, I was full for the rest of the trip. The Cookie shake was a vanilla shake with chocolate chips, a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich, cookie crumbs held on by vanilla frosting, and tons of whipped cream. I could not finish the shake at the restaurant because I was so full, so I got a to-go cup.

On our way to Black Tap (we saw lots of dogs, which isn’t the point but it needed to be said) we passed through Washington Square Park, which we spent a little bit of time looking around and reading the chalk art which was all over the park.

After Black Tap we made our way to the Brooklyn Bridge (in the rain) which my mom had never walked on, despite being from Brooklyn, so this was very exciting for both of us! To get to the bridge from where we were you had to go through Canal Street, which if you don’t know if famous for their amount of knockoff handbags and secret selling rooms. Every two feet you walked someone looked at you saying “Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Michael Kors” or “Yeezys, Yeezys” it was crazy and probably more crowded than Time Square.  The side of the bridge was covered in locks and headphones which we learned was how people symbolize love. There was also a sign which informed you that although you cannot put locks on the bridge you are allowed to have lox, I could not help but laugh really hard at that.

After getting of the bridge, we headed to Brooklyn Bridge Park. The walk to the park, as well as being at the park made me fall in love with the city of Brooklyn. Despite being just another city I loved it more than than I love Manhattan. I had never seen this side of Brooklyn before (my mom is from Bayridge, which is 17 miles south). Although there were obviously still tourist everywhere it was a lot more relaxed. I would love to go back there and explore more, but because the rain got heavier we took a water taxi back to midtown to make our way back to Grand Central Station.

I unfortunately don’t have any photos past this point because my phone was dying and I had to use it to navigate. After the water taxi, we walked down to Time Square because Matt (my boyfriend) had never seen it before, we didn’t stay long due to the rain. On our way to Grand Central we stopped at a Jamba Juice to hide from the rain for a little, I’d never had Jamba Juice before, holy cow… life changing. We then made the final trek in the rain for Grand Central and made it there for 6:50 and managed to get a spot on the 7:05 train. It was a great day, my mom and I are already planning a trip to head back to the city and explore some more, maybe Central Park next?

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