Did I Give Up Blogging?

Hello everyone, long time no chat! I promise I have a great reason for disappearing (just like everybody else says). If you didn’t know I am currently a sophomore in college and if you don’t know what that means when November comes around everyones stress levels slowly increase as the month goes on.

My last blog post was the end of October, so I am very sorry about the obvious lack of posts, but when I say school came in and hit me like a truck I truly mean it. All my professor conspired and gave their tests and projects in the same week (okay obviously they didn’t but thats how it feels) and that continued for the rest of the semester. I am currently getting ready for finals, which begin next week. I’m working on multiple projects, studying for tests, working every weekend, and on top of it dance team is now kicking into full gear. So with that said, I am not done blogging, I just took a short, unexpected break. I am now back with weekly posts and have some very exciting things planned for the rest of this month!

What has happened since I last spoke to you all? I am now working more frequently at my job as a Style Advisor at Justice (the tween clothing store), very exciting and news worthy I know. I also auditioned for another dance team, the New England Blackwolves (National Lacrosse League) and made it which is really exciting and I’m happy to be getting back into being paid for doing what I love, but that won’t really pick up until the new year when my school team starts to slow down which is fantastic! And other than being buried under piles of homework and hiding from all my problems everything else has stayed the same.

So I will be back next week with a Christmas related post!

Best of luck to all my fellow college student this coming week, I will see you on the other side!

If you want more of me follow my Instagram and Twitter: @mackyyd

Until next time…much love,



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