Christmas Wishlist | 2016

Can you believe it’s already December? I’ve seen so many gift guides and wish lists circulating since November I figured I would share with my Christmas wishlist with you guys! By no means am I expecting of this these are just some idea for my parents and other relatives (or things I would like to buy myself). I hope this gives you some ideas on what to ask for or even to give to others!

Glass Screen Protector 


This is obviously a very practical gift, for anyone that knows me I’m the biggest klutz so I would love to take my Lifeproof case off, but I’m way too scared without a screen protector!

Selfie Ring Light


Another tech accessory! This particular selfie ring light is from First Impressions Vanity and it just clips onto the top of your phone to give you that perfect selfie lighting. It’s like a Lumee case but easier to remove! Perfect for that selfie obsessed girl on your list!

Beauty Blender and Cleaner


I currently already have a Beauty Blender but they’re meant to be replaced every three months. I am asking for the tan sponge in particular so it appears less stained. I love this product and how it applies my foundation and concealer, I truly think it is a necessity for any self proclaimed beauty addict.



I feel like this is a perfect gift for anyone. I currently am using the Apple earbuds so I would love something better quality and that well fit in my ears better. I’ve had my eyes on these Beats in-ear headphones for awhile, I love that they have a few different color options.

Satin Robe


This is something I’ve always wanted. I think it’s a perfect, light-weight thing to throw on while getting  ready!

Alta Fitbit


My new years resolution, like many others, is to get fit. I love that this Fitbit not only tracks your steps, but it’s also a watch and tracks your sleep. You can also set it up to remind you to drink water! This is perfect for your fit friend.

I hope this gave you all some ideas on what to ask for or even better, what to give!

What are you guys hoping to receive this Christmas?

Happy Holidays!


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Until next time…much love,



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